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Edelstein Associates helps governments, businesses, and non-profits throughout the U.S. resolve difficult conflict situations and make effective strategic decisions. We focus on environmental and natural resource management issues, ranging from local community forums to national policymaking initiatives. Jeffrey L. Edelstein, P.E., principal of Edelstein Associates, combines a background as a Professional Engineer with a proven track record of mediation and facilitation.

Water South Portland Tar Sands Committee  
Jeff guided a City-appointed committee charged with developing a municipal ordinance to address the potential of Tar Sands oil to be shipped through the city's marine terminals. Spurred by a bitterly-fought referendum battle in the fall of 2013, the committee drafted ordinance language that brought the community together and was enacted with nearly unanimous City Council support.

Water Gowanus Canal Superfund Cleanup  
The Gowanus Canal is one of the most polluted waterbodies in the U.S., located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, one of the most diverse urban environments in the nation. Jeff Edelstein was selected by U.S. EPA and community representatives to convene and facilitate a 60 member Community Advisory Group for the $500 million cleanup.       

Water Ohio - Kentucky Water Resources Dispute Successfully Resolved  
Edelstein Associates successfully mediated a complex cross-border dispute over drinking water and wastewater issues involving the State of Kentucky, the City of Cincinnati and the U.S. EPA. This situation highlighted key issues related to the intersection between the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.  In February, 2009, the parties signed a settlement agreement resolving the dispute.    

Water Coastal Zone Management Act 
Jeff Edelstein led the facilitation team for this national initiative, Envisioning the Future of Coastal Management, aimed towards re-crafting and reauthorizing the Coastal Zone Management Act to establish a new vision for U.S. coastal management. The outcomes of the initiative served as the foundation for legislation submitted to Congress in 2009 and for a variety of programmatic initiatives within the federal government.   

Waste Prevention Vermont Waste Prevention Initiative Completed
Vermont has been a national leader in moving beyond recycling to addressing the entire flow of materials, from "cradle to cradle." Jeff Edelstein served as the facilitator for this initiative, coordinating the efforts of a multi-stakeholder steering committee and five technical subcommittees addressing the areas of organic wastes, recyclables, construction debris, e-waste, and household hazardous wastes.